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Barista Spices

7.00 $15.00 $

A wonderful amalgam of maple, coffee and spices. This rub will give all your meats a tenderness and an unparalleled taste of sweet and spicy.

Out Of Stock

Bootlegger Bread

8.50 $15.00 $

Homemade beer bread!

By popular request, we are offering you our delicious beer bread, simply add beer, cheese, and oil and you will remember the famous Brix 66 bread.

Two options are available, either bag of mixture and tube of maple syrup or our 100% cotton ecolo bag including mixture and tube of maple syrup.

chocolate chip cookies

8.00 $

The perfect chocolate chip cookie made with maple sugar of course. It is sold to you uncooked and frozen, you just have to cook them and eat them hot.

Contains a dozen cookies.

** Available only in store **

Maple BBQ Sauce

8.00 $20.00 $

Size: 250 ml and 946 ml

Delightful slightly sweet maple & BBQ sauce.

Great to pair with your meats or add to your marinades or sautées. You will crave it!

Maple Fondue

7.00 $10.00 $

Delicious! Perfect to complete any dessert.

Serve fresh or, even better, slightly warm with your favourite fruits; your guests’ jaws will drop! Even if we know you won’t be able to resist it, the fondue can be kept for 4 months unopened, and about a week once opened.

Available in different formats: 212 ml and 575 ml, depending on your needs.

**Available only in store**

Maple Glaze

8.00 $

Format: 250 ml

Lavish mix of maple syrup and apple cider vinegar, ideal to make vinaigrettes and marinades.

Perfect match for your fishes, seafood and salads.

Maple Ketchup

8.00 $

Size: 250 ml

Excellent homemade ketchup with a slightly sweet maple and apple taste. A perfect balance of flavours to complement your favourite meals.

Olé! Sauce

8.00 $

Size: 250ml

A sauce with punch. This perfect blend of maple, cherries, chocolate and chipotle creates an explosion of flavor. Just spicy enough!

Smoked BBQ Sauce

8.00 $

Size: 250 ml

BBQ sauce naturally maple smoked. A BBQ sauce with a kick for anyone who enjoys the smoky taste.

Smoked Syrup

7.00 $11.00 $

You will fall in love with this delicious naturally-smoked maple syrup.

It brings a refined taste to your marinades, meats, grillades and more.

Available in a 250 ml bottle or, to offer as a gift, a 125 ml vial that is reusable and can contain many different things, such as your favourite mix of spices.